Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Sanding or vapour smoothing your print lines, is so... 2016.

Those in the know are switching from sanding and dangerous acetone smoothing, to a much smarter solution for smoothing 3d printed striations or "print lines" and visible part joins. 3D formulations Proto-fill easily and safely makes, print lines and joints, disappear.

Let's face it. Sanding and vapour smoothing are "subtractive" methods which are in contrast to the very principle of "additive" manufacturing. Once you begin sanding, the dimensions and integrity of your print is compromised. Sand too much, and there is no going back. Sanding your plastic parts, may also alter the colour and appearance of the surface, for instance, giving a black plastic a dark grey (scratched) appearance. Apart from the obviously extremely dangerous practice of vapour smoothing with acetone, the procedure is difficult to control and results are permanent. Proto-fill is a safer, water-based, non- hazardous and non-flammable product. You no longer need a dedicated post-processing area.

Brushing on, one to two light coats, is all that is required to disguise or fill fine print lines. More coats can be applied to fill deeper grooves. A small roller can be used on larger or flat surfaces. The high resin content of Proto-fill smoothly self-levels like liquid plastic. One touch-dry the coating is, easily further smoothed and shaped with a clean cloth or soft paintbrush, dipped in methylated spirits or isopropyl alcohol; very handy when dealing with curved surfaces and complex shapes, such as our "thinking person statue" project. Runs or excess coating is easily re-distributed. The coating may be sanded if desired, but sanding will not necessarily achieve the smoothness of the cloth smoothing method.

Once properly cured, the product forms a tough and durable film on ridged surfaces, yet remains com¬ pletely flexible; perfect for use on projects printed with flexible filament. The strong film will enhance the strength and durability of your project. Once dry, the coating is water-proof, chemical, and U.V. resistant.

Proto-Fill is just one the many post-processing products from 3D Formulations. Other products available include Proto-Colour, Poly-Clean and Poly-Clear. All come in a starter pack. Order these revolutionary products and be on your way to a quicker, smarter and safer project. Learn more >>