Monday, 10 October 2016

Delivering High Quantities of Prototypes Fast

Objective3D Direct Manufacturing produces parts using a range of additive and conventional manufacturing technologies. We offer tailored solutions for your project’s needs. If your project requires larger quantities of small parts – fast, Laser Sintering is the best technological solution for you. Per-part pricing is reduced as quantities increase, but there are more advantages to using Laser Sintering for small prototypes than price alone.

Laser Sintering (LS) provides strong, versatile and geometrically intricate components made from filled and un-filled nylon materials that are ideal for fit and form verification and functional testing. Prototypes made with LS are created quickly and offer robust solutions for your project.

FAST Delivery
Laser Sintering can provide sturdy, functional prototypes as little as 24 hours. Multi-component designs can be incorporated into single structures, allowing engineers to produce complex features and geometries in one print, and eliminating the need for assembly. Additionally, reduced secondary processing means quicker delivery to you.
Variable Characteristics
Prototypes from Laser Sintering are functional and stable in a variety of taxing environments. The nylon 11 and nylon 12 materials used in Laser Sintering can be reinforced with property-enhancing fillers, such as carbon fiber or glass, to produce strong parts that meet a variety of performance requirements like high tensile strength, flexural strength, impact resistance, and heat deflection temperatures. LS prototypes created with these materials are perfect for applications that experience variable temperature exposure, like fuel tanks and electronic enclosures.

The versatility of LS material qualities makes it easy to meet your project’s distinct requirements.

Little to No Finishing Needs
One key advantage to Laser Sintering is that each part is encased in powder as it is made. The surrounding powder reinforces the parts and eliminates the need for support structures that require removal after production. With ready-to-use prototypes off the printer, little to no finishing needs reduces costs and delivery time.
Your Prototype Solution
LS prototyping is an excellent solution for your project if you’re looking for high quantities of small, durable or light-weight parts. Whether your designs require complicated geometries, minimal finishing requirements or quick turn-arounds, 3D printed prototypes made with Laser Sintering are the perfect solution for your project needs. Objective3D Direct Manufacturing has the expertise and technology range to deliver upon any of your additive manufacturing projects, with Laser Sintering as the best solution if you want higher quantities of small prototypes, quickly delivered.

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